Accurate in Recording & Administering 🎯

Find the guides that matches your existing medical devices.

When it comes to testing, it's vitally important to get the exact instructions that match your medical devices. For COVID-19 rapid testing, HealthPixel offers 6 test variants across multiple languages.

  • Security - Rest assured when we're passing along your medical data, it's safe from any malicious prying eyes.
  • No app installs, or big downloads. Just your modern web browser.
  • Easy access - No more paperwork to take home! Just scan and go.
  • Translated & Illustrated. HealthPixel questionnaires can be used by any demographic easily.

Secure & Trusted

HealthPixel has been tested by the masses. Sometimes seeing 1000s of users/minute, we promise to securely administer & record test results. Below are some of our public stats so far.

1.5 Million survey views

Across Singapore & neighboring regions

10 HealthPixel Surveys

50% of surveys are maintained by HealthPixel's team

200k+ user submissions

Recorded for auditing

<1 Day downtime

Always available. No office hours


Road Map

Any Successful Project Needs A Plan Of Action In Place In Order To Ensure
That It Sees Through The Finish Line.

CovidBuddy was born

Our first logo is

CTO joins the
team: Alan

Our builder tool is
created 'BuddyBuilder'

ARTBuddy reaches
1 Million Users

Health Pixel joins
The BOLT Initiative

BuddyBuilder becomes HealthPixel

CovidBuddy becomes ARTBuddy
& gets 3 test kit variants.

Public Beta for
Healthpixel goes live

HealthPixel is
used worldwide.

Have Any Question ?

We're here to answer any concerns you may have.
If you see something missing below, email us at [email protected]

HealthPixel is a new way for providers to collect medical information from patients in the clinic or at home.

We provide medical history questionnaires, COVID-19 rapid testing, blood pressure or sugar monitoring services.

Our special QR codes contain the information needed to secure the communication between the patient and the provider. HealthPixel does not have access to your medical information. We only vault it on behalf of your provider in an encrypted format.

We make use of modern web browser features for push notifications and peripheral device connectivity. For the best experience, browsers such as Safari should be avoided.

HealthPixel never has access your submission data. Responses in questionnaires are private and only are accessible by your provider.

HealthPixel tracks metrics on how users interact with questionnaires without jeopardizing user privacy. This information helps providers improve their questionnaires usability.

If you're a patient or have received HealthPixel as part of at-home testing, No. You don't have to pay for Healthpixel.

Providers are the primary purchasing party for HealthPixel. You will be billed based on usage. Pricing information can be found here.

It depends. If there's an issue with a feature or you've received an error message from HealthPixel - Click here for help.

If you're having trouble with responding to a question or have feedback for a provider - click the contact link at the top of the collection app. They'll be able to respond directly with you there.

You can send it to us and we'll build it whenever we can. We will publish anonymous metric data for public use. Thanks!