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A builder tool with modern conventions for modern clinics

BuddyBuilder™ helps medical practitioners build beautiful and user friendly digital interview assistants.

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Our Core Values to providers

Why Clinics Are Choosing HealthPixel

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Easy to use

The builder includes helper functions that will suggest tips and provide snippets that can speed up creating new projects. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes it painless to get the design just right.

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Adaptable & Trackable

Auditing is a core feature to the HealthPixel tool set. Beyond maintaining records of who accesses the patient data, we also maintain an itemized edit history. Changes are versioned and tracked along with who made the changes and changes can be rolled back as needed.

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No large upfront costs.

No large upfront costs to build out native applications or compliant infrastructure. HealthPixel comes with all the building blocks to build & protect your project via modern web techniques.

Experience the platform from the perspective of the patient.

With over 1 millions uses so far, we understand how important it is for us to deliver a smooth user experience to the patients.

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Affordable for any sized providers

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Learn from
our Pro Builders™

Our toolset is full of tricks that can make building more complex clinic experiences easier than ever. We keep our documentation up to date with all of our new features and improvements to the platform.

Tutorials & Guides

Read or watch our tutorial series on how to design and build on HealthPixel like a pro.

HealthPixel BuddyBuilder™

Learn more about our creator tool for digital medical interview assistants.

HealthPixel Collect™

Learn more about how collect functions when in the hands of the patient and about our reengagement functions after they leave the clinic.

HealthPixel Scan™

Learn about how the scanner tool and how it can be embedded and used on your clinic website directly.

Extension Marketplace

Extend your DMIAs' reach beyond HealthPixel's platform with notifications, AI & machine learning, and device connectivity.

EMR Integrations & APIs

Hook into existing EMRs at your healthcare clinic or access HealthPixel's API for project metrics.

Interested but need more information? We're here to help.

You can reach out to us at the following email and we'll get back to you about your questions or concerns: [email protected]